"Make Rust Disappear Like Magic from ANY Surface in 30 Minutes FLAT!"
Instantly Remove Rust Like Magic From ALL Metals, Porcelain, Concrete, Stucco Or Anything Else. The Activated Formula In OXYSTRIP Eats Rust FAST!


Rusting of metals is caused by a process called metal oxidation. In short, the surface of the metal is deteriorated by chemical reactions inherent to the chemical composition of the metal.  Water and salts are the main culprits in the oxidation process. Rust can be a problem with cement, clothing and carpets which have been in close proximity to rusting metal.

For metal to rust, two reactions must occur:  Metal to metal ions and electrons must be converted by oxidation, and a second reaction in which electrons are consumed  by converting oxygen and water to hydroxide ions. In order for these reactions to occur, the electrons must be transported from the place where the metal dissolves to the place where the oxygen is consumed and an ionic current must also flow between the sites to complete the circuit. This ionic current flows more easily through water containing electrolytes such as salt.  That is why rust occurs more often in areas with salt in the environment.

You can remove rust from your toys, tools and machinery plus, protect them from further rust with Oxystrip™. Apply  Oxystrip™ to a rusted surface. Let it penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse the surface.  It's that easy!  Oxystrip™ contains special additives to prevent further rusting.

Oxystrip™ is the proven rust remover.  When used according to instructions, Oxystrip™ is completely safe and effective.  Never worry about the destructive and unsightly effects of rust again.  Oxystrip™ is the solution.

QUESTION: How do you apply OxyStrip™?

ANSWER: OxyStrip™ can be applied by spraying,  or with a sponge, roller, or paint brush., OxyStrip™ can be diluted with water to the appropriate viscosity for your spray equipment.  Parts or components may be immersed in Oxystrip™, as well.

QUESTION: What about coverage?

ANSWER: It depends, of course, on how rusty the treatment area is and its size.  Usually, a 16oz Bottle will cover about 50 square feet.

QUESTION: Do you need special surface preparation?

ANSWER: Not really.  Brushing the area with a steel brush to remove loose surface rust is a good idea.

QUESTION: How much drying time before I can apply a topcoat?

ANSWER: We recommend a minimum of 12 hours.  In environments where there is high humidity or constant temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, a 24 hour waiting period is recommended.

QUESTION: Is it okay to use Oxystrip™ on damp surfaces?

ANSWER: You sure can.  The surface should have no beads of water, though.

QUESTION: What topcoats can I use?

ANSWER: That depends, of course, on environmental factors.  Oxystrip™ will not interfere with the performance of any topcoat you choose to use.

QUESTION:  How do I thin Oxystrip™ for spraying?

ANSWER:  Start with adding ten per cent water to achieve the required viscosity for your sprayer.  Add water as needed.

QUESTION: What are the maximum and minimum temperatures for application of Oxystrip™?

ANSWER: We recommend temperatures no lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher than 105 degrees  Fahrenheit.

QUESTION: What are the clean-up procedures?

OxyStrip™ can be cleaned up with cold water. 

What about surfaces that are rusted and partially painted?

ANSWER: No problem.  As long as the paint or other coating has a good surface bond, Oxystrip™ will get rid of the rust with no ill effects on the coating.

QUESTION:  What are the safety procedures for Oxystrip™?

ANSWER:  Protective Rubber Gloves and Face Mask and Eye Protection should be used when applying Oxystrip™.  Remember that this product is strong and should be protected away from children and pets. 

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One bottle of OxyStrip™ has a coverage of approximately 50 Square Feet. Please choose the OxyStrip™ package that best suits your needs.

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