Read ALL directions before beginning your project. OXYSTRIP™ works best when directions are followed exactly. These 5 simple steps will lead to a newly restored and rust-free item. 

Step 1 – Preparation and Safety

Find an appropriate place to clean your item. Keep in mind that OXYSTRIP™ will bleach and stain concrete and other types of flooring. Always wear latex gloves and eye protection when using this product. Also use OXYSTRIP™ only in a well-ventilated area. Wear old clothing that can be thrown away if you spill OXYSTRIP™ on the clothing. 

OXYSTRIP™ Tip #1: Use a garbage bag or old sheet that can be thrown away later, under your work area. This will decrease the chances of discoloring or ruining your work surface. 

Step 2 – Getting Ready

After the work area has been prepped, gather the items that you plan on cleaning with OXYSTRIP™.  

Step 3 - Application

Using a small amount of OXYSTRIP™, apply to the places where rust has developed (remember, a little goes a long way). Using a scrubber or brillo pad, begin rubbing the rust away. 

OXYSTRIP™ Tip #2: If at first it seems as though you are not making any progress – don’t worry. OXYSTRIP™ is working. It may appear that nothing is happening, but OXYSTRIP™ is penetrating and breaking down the rusted areas. Allow it to sit for a several minutes. Repeat Step 3. In some extreme cases, you may need to repeat Step 3 multiple times before results are obvious. The longer and thicker the rust the more time it will take to penetrate and break up the extensive rust deposits. 

Step 4 – Your Item After Application

After you have finished removing the rust, it is important that you clean the item thoroughly with soap and water. OXYSTRIP™ is a potent rust eliminator. Be sure that you rinse the item well so that all the cleaner you applied is washed off. If the treated item is not completely clean, OXYSTRIP™ will continue to work, possibly resulting in damage of the remaining good parts of the item.

Step 5 – Clean up

After completing step four dispose of everything you used while working with OXYSTRIP™, including the material you used to protect your work surface, the latex gloves you wore, and any cloths or scrubbers you used in the application process. Also, clean any left over or spilled OXYSTRIP™ and dispose of those rags or towels as well. If you accidentally got a little bit of OXYSTRIP™ on your work clothing, throw that away, too. Put all items into a heavy-duty trash bag and tie it as tightly as possible to make sure children and pets cannot get into it. Place sealed bag in a trashcan and put the lid on firmly. 

When finished with the application, reseal your container of OXYSTRIP™. Make sure that the outside of container is clean and then store in cool environment away from any children and pets.

OXYSTRIP™ tip #3: When ready to use OXYSTRIP™ again, shake sealed container well for one minute prior to use.

Thank you for your purchase
of OXYSTRIP™ rust remover.

The tests that were performed using OXYSTRIP™ showed that in most instances there was a 100% change in appearance and removal of rust. In a slight number of test cases, there were a few spots that wouldn’t come completely free of all rust deposits, due to the surface being eaten away from long term exposure to rust.


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